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Solar panel owners don't know this: "Then you are entitled to compensation."

Solar panel owners don't know this: “Then you are entitled to compensation.”

The inverter of a solar panel installation can fail if too much power is supplied to the area's power grid. This can especially happen in rural areas, if there are many solar panel installations connected to the nearby electricity grid.

Are you entitled to compensation if your inverter breaks down? Fluvius is clear: “Yes, if your inverter occasionally fails, you may be entitled to compensation. The fixed compensation in 2023 is €10.6 per kilovolt-ampere (kVA) inverter capacity.”

Fluvius gives some examples, starting with a small, modern residential installation, equipped with eight solar panels and a 2.5 kVA inverter. “The compensation amounts to a contribution of €26.5 (=€10.6 x 2.5 kVA).”

“For a medium installation with 16 panels and an inverter power of 4 kVA, the compensation is 42.4 euros (= 10.6 euros x 4 kVA). For a large installation with 30 panels and an inverter power of 10 kVA, the compensation is to 106 euros (= 10.6 euros x 10 kVA).”

Green energy certificate

Those who are entitled to green energy certificates will receive additional compensation for this. “This is determined based on a loss of 34 kWh per kVA and the value of green energy certificates,” says Fluvius.

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