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X brings back free blue checkmarks for accounts with many followers – IT Pro – News

Well, even Tweakers is still on X. So it seems that some people/organizations are finding it difficult to get rid of X,

There is always a lot of inertia in organizations. For you as a person, deleting your account is a simple procedure. In the company they must be approved and plans and projects must be modified. And then there's always the reaction of, “Yes, but what if it costs us followers? That's bad!” This is due to the illusion that high numbers are good and will automatically generate money, even though this can in no way be proven or even made plausible.

So, if someone suggests deleting the account, they have to convince many people and go against the grain, because it's much easier to leave everything as it is “and hey, in June 2021 there was a very nice interaction with the user, so you see it's helpful!” No one thinks it's important to put that much energy into it, because they don't care much about the company's image.

Kind of like cookie banners. I once asked a marketing manager if he didn't just want to remove Google Analytics (and therefore unnecessary cookies) from the site. It was nothing more than a digital brochure, a few static pages, and not for consumers. There was really little to measure. He insisted that it was absolutely necessary. Just as he insisted that “brand” and “look” are very important. I then asked him if he measured what this sign does to the “first impression” and whether the damage to it was worth more or less than the information from Analytics. The emptiness in his gaze almost made me afraid of heights.

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Companies are on Twitter because ten years ago it turned out to be a good recipe. So they stay there, because change is scary.

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