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Steam appears to have a library manager to show you which games are taking up the most space

Steam library features have gotten very powerful over the years, but one thing that could be more apparent is the amount of space each game takes up. Sure, you can check the install size for a specific game by checking the “Local Files” section in the Properties menu, but after that you won’t be able to see everything you’ve installed. However, Valve appears to have a solution in mind.

Dataminers picked up a new “Library Manager” display hidden in the latest Steam update. The tool is not at the end yet, as it can see a sparse UI in the screenshots, but as it is now, it does provide a list of games in the Steam Library folder with the install size displayed right next to the titles.

There is also a graph showing how much hard drive space the games are taking up, downloadable content, workshop mods, odds, and other endings. This also appears to work in multiple library folders, so if you have Steam games spread across multiple hard drives, you can follow any of these install paths.

It looks like a beautiful new place Downloads page On the way too, and this update is also the update that debuted Valve’s upcoming SteamPal initiative.

For some free Steam games to fill up your hard drive, you can follow this link.

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