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Tech companies form consortium to investigate AI impact on IT jobs – IT Pro – News

I feel like AI is being promoted a lot and it seems like we have come a long way but it is still in its infancy.

Chatbots and phone help desks are still in their infancy and still use technology that has been around since the beginning of this millennium.

By the way, this article discusses the impact of AI on IT jobs. My opinion on this is relatively simple and we've had something similar before. In the past, you had developers using the Internet to provide information, examples, and discussions about development. And you had the developers who didn't do that, their reference work was books and the Internet was seen as a game (the tax authorities between 2000 and 2005, outside people were given a laptop and there was a truck outside to provide WiFi to those laptops so They can search for information on the Internet).

Nowadays, as a developer, you simply cannot work (correctly and efficiently) without the Internet. The speed and quality of development increases dramatically.

I see using AI during your development work as an extension of using the Internet. With the right terminology, AI can greatly help you with sample code, explaining a particular concept or pattern, or what to think about an AI writing an on-demand unit test in your development environment for the functionality you just wrote.

Nowadays, there is already a lot of AI built into your development environment, which makes rewriting some builds much easier.

A developer who does not master AI during development work is like a developer who ignores the Internet. Bold statement, but I think in a few years (or even now) you as a developer will be really challenged if you ignore AI compared to your colleagues who embrace it

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This will also have a significant impact on other sectors. I recently spoke with an elementary school teacher who used ChatGPT to create an entire work plan on a specific topic. Her classmates thought it was lazy and looked at her strangely, but they don't understand how it all works. She lost two evenings of work with a very good result, and her colleagues lost more than two weeks, some of whom didn't even finish it and were afraid to.

We are truly beyond infancy, and the AI ​​revolution is here and will only increase in the coming years.