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In this section, every week the editors recommend the best or most interesting articles on the site. This time: ATACMS missiles, extinct living fish, and mining resources on asteroids.

What ATACMS missiles did the United States supply to Ukraine?

The ATACMS missile is launched from the MLRS system.

Ukraine has been demanding this for several months, and the United States has finally agreed. The country has sent a small number of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine and the first of them was launched on Tuesday.

What kind of weapons are these?

It appears that extinct fish in the North Sea are still alive

An old drawing of the North Sea forests
Image: Schmidt, F.G. via Wikimedia Commons.

In 2008, the North Sea was declared extinct. But according to biologists from the University of Amsterdam, this type of fish still swims in the North Sea, and it is not even rare.

Why were fish species declared extinct?

Can any country simply extract minerals from asteroids?

“Harvester” to extract raw materials from the asteroid. Nice idea, but is it easy? In other words: Can you claim orbs? Photo: Brian Versteeg/

last week NASA’s Psyche spacecraft has lifted off To the asteroid of the same name. Astronomers believe that the asteroid is the heart of a destroyed planet. That’s why NASA is sending a satellite there; Perhaps Psyche can tell us more about the essence of our Earth. But the asteroid also has great value. It is estimated that it contains more minerals than the entire global economy. Although Psyche is too far away (3.5 billion kilometers) to collect resources, there are companies making plans to extract minerals from other, closer asteroids.

Regardless of all the technical and financial constraints that remain, the question is whether we are allowed to free up the space.

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Who actually owns all these mineral resources?