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The Cotsand-Pad entry is changing significantly

About 100 residents and second homeowners in Godsand-Battle were updated Thursday by the Slois Municipality on Boulevard de Willingen’s latest developments. The next place to renovate the seaside village is Dunehof.

The conversion of Godsand-Pat is not yet complete, because the tall buildings at the southern entrance to Godsand-Pat have not yet been built. On the site of Hotel Nurci and de Willingen. The draft zoning plan caused a great deal of controversy last month. The municipality is currently preparing the submitted objections.

Ho, stop, up here, no more

Due to many objections and concerns from the locals, the municipal council has taken the decision first by the municipal administration. The plan for North Sea-de Willington is expected to be in the House in June.

Alderman Peter Blogart informed the audience on Thursday that the municipality has simply undertaken the development of tourism in Kotsand-Battle – which is enshrined in all sorts of policy plans – and it cannot be stopped. He acknowledged that there was a group of people who said, “Enough is enough” or “Those who yearn for the Godsand-bat that existed thirty years ago.”

However, Blogart says he does not want the train to stop. “In the meantime it’s hard to say: Ho, stop, it’s not over yet. It’s not realistic, it’s not fair to say to those who have been planning for years.”

Duinhoff-Nurt ” Most Important Place ‘

According to Duinhoff-Noord, Compagnie Head Jude, in partnership with contractor Van der Boyle, is developing a building with stores on the ground floor and 46 apartments above. These are spread over four floors and are located under the underground parking garage. According to Davy Lapiu of the Compaqni Head Jute, the location of this Duinhof-Noord is the most important location for the Gotsand-Bad entrance. “This is the first place you meet.”

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Duinhof has traditionally been a square with shops and parking lots. The buildings on the north side are very outdated. In recent years, the Budouis apartment building has already been built on the dunes, the Charcoal Beach Pavilion has been renovated and the Hotel de Blanc Top has been renovated and expanded. So the new apartment complex will be added after this year.

Browse past stores

Visitors did not comment on the building plan because the height was too low. But many wondered if there was enough interest from entrepreneurs to fill the retail space under the apartment complex.

“We need to focus on this so that it becomes more attractive for people to browse and shop on Godsand-Bat,” Alderman Blogard said. Davey LaBeouf of Compaqni Head Jute promised that most stores are already under the option. Sales will begin later this year.

Low traffic

The Gatsand-Bat should be as car-free as possible, Blogart said. Long-term parkers can use existing car parks. People don’t intend to park in the center for long, for example at a shopping center in Dunedin. Whether access roads can cope with the increasing congestion is included in research on movement on the beach.