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US condemns North Korean missile tests

The United States considers North Korea to be “unstable” by re-testing missiles after a one-year ceasefire. The U.S. State Department tonight fired two copies of a new type of ballistic missile at North Korea the previous day. Missiles were also fired last weekend.

North Korea says the objects hit a target about 600 kilometers off Japan. According to South Korea and Japan, the distance was short; About 450 kilometers. Experts say it is an upgraded version of the KN-23 missile, which now has a 2.5-ton warship. North Korea is said to have developed the ballistic missile to carry out precision strikes on South Korea.

Analysts also suspect that North Korea wants to put pressure on Washington through tests. The Kim Jong-un regime is struggling economically despite all the sanctions imposed by the United States and the United Nations. Under former President Donald Trump, there seemed to be a rapprochement between the United States and North Korea, but it ultimately failed to work.

Barriers Group

At the request of the United States, the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee meets tomorrow. That is, Washington does not want to blow the tower too much diplomatically. Assembling the control committee is one step down the diplomatic ladder, rather than a Security Council meeting with ambassadors.

US President Joe Biden has pointed out that “open to diplomacy, it ultimately leads to nuclear mechanization.” It is unlikely that North Korea will respond to Biden’s words. North Korea wants to keep its nuclear weapons at all costs because it firmly believes that it can prevent the United States from invading the country forever.

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Biden also said that North Korea was the most important issue in its foreign policy. Since taking office, diplomatic efforts through various channels have reportedly failed Get in touch With North Korea.