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The message is to act quickly and efficiently: this is how you deal with a dirty refrigerator |  My guide

The message is to act quickly and efficiently: this is how you deal with a dirty refrigerator | My guide

vtwonenWhen you handle food, things get dirty. Especially with open containers that can leak or splash. A thorough cleaning of your refrigerator is necessary from time to time: Explains how to clean the refrigerator properly.

Everything is out

Cleaning out your refrigerator isn’t a job you can spend half an afternoon doing, because refrigerated products, like meat and milk, can’t be left on the counter for hours. They need to get back out into the cold as quickly as possible.

To work as efficiently as possible, first check the expiration date of everything you take out of the refrigerator. Has the date expired or does the product no longer smell good? Throw. You can also say goodbye to leaking packages and bags. Place the contents – if they are still in good condition – in a food container to prevent waste. Write the expiration date on it if necessary.

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Quick peeling…

Does your refrigerator need minimal cleaning? Then you can wipe it with a cloth and all-purpose cleaner. Do not use a scouring pad or strong detergents, as this may damage the refrigerator. It is best to clean from top to bottom.

…or a thorough cleaning

Could your refrigerator use a more thorough cleaning? Then take out all the shelves and containers and make a solution of water and a little cleaning agent. It is better to use soda or another natural remedy. Remove any mold with a little oil. Finally, dry the inside of the refrigerator well with a clean cloth.

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Plastic container used to store food? This way, bacteria won’t have a chance during subsequent cleaning.

Check water drainage

This is also part of the cleaning process: checking the water drainage. This is easier when the refrigerator is empty, because the drain is at the bottom of the back wall. Is the drain clogged? Just pick a skewer or piece of cotton, and you’re done. You can prevent clogged water drains by keeping the back wall clean and not placing food near it.

Don’t forget the rubber

It’s often overlooked, but where all the dirt accumulates: rubber. Separate them well and wipe them with soap and water. If you find mold, you can also scrub it off with a soft toothbrush. If you want to make sure everything is gone, use a little bleach diluted with water.

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Dominant scents

Does your refrigerator smell not very fresh? You can easily neutralize the odor by placing a bowl of vinegar in the refrigerator. Do you often suffer from unpleasant odors? Then this deodorant can be your salvation.

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