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UN: “Meat alternatives make a big difference to emissions” |  environment

UN: “Meat alternatives make a big difference to emissions” | environment

With the help of meat and dairy alternatives, the world can “significantly” reduce the environmental footprint of the food chain. This was stated in a report issued by the United Nations Environment Agency (UNEP) and funded by the Belgian government.

The livestock sector is currently responsible for 14 to 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, the report warns that meat consumption could increase by half by 2050.

The researchers examined three alternatives to animal products: plant-based meat substitutes, cultured meats based on animal cells, and proteins from fermented microorganisms.

The report lists a long list of benefits. It has been shown that switching to such alternatives would make a significant difference in greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, pressure on farmland is reduced, which is beneficial for soil, water resources and deforestation. Finally, this reduces the risk of zoonoses, which are diseases transmitted to humans through animals.

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