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Unhealthy (and highly misleading) vegetable rolls

Would you now buy beet rolls or carrot rolls instead of the “regular” alternative? Or did you replace the pasta with lentils because you think it is healthier? Then there is the bad news. Keuringsdienst van Waarde showed that this clay vegetable is not only more expensive, but also contains more calories, more sugars and less fiber.

Vegetable rolls are not healthy

If you think wrapping vegetables during lunch or dinner contributes to Eat the recommended 250gm of vegetables dailyThen you will be disappointed. Brands are cleverly responding to the need to eat enough veggies in a different way, but whether there are actually too many veggies in the wraps or pasta remains to be seen.

The packaging may state that sometimes up to 50 percent of the vegetables are used, but according to Keuringsdienst van Waarde, this works differently in practice. The vegetables are first weighed and then ground into a powder or puree. A little of that is added to the product, like wrappers. Often the packaging does not say how much powder or puree is in the product, but how many grams was the first moment of weighing. Uh.

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more sugar

Thus, the so-called juicy vegetables are not a good source of the nutrient, according to the experts at the program. Not only are these “healthy” products more expensive, they also contain more fat and sugar than regular wrappers. Plus, they contain less fiber. So it is better to use carrots in your plate rather than having carrot rolls as a substitute. Conclusion? It is better to buy whole grain products and add vegetables yourself during cooking. It’s cheaper too.

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