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Virgin Galactic starts selling spaceflights for $450,000 per spot – IT Pro – News

Part of the business travel was also a “habit”.

“Of course we fly the directors from Amsterdam to Tokyo for the one-hour opening meeting. You have to be able to look each other in the eye, right?”

“It is then clear that we have a team of engineers for two weeks during the installation on site. They only have work in 4 days, because they have to wait for delivery from other teams, but this is necessary for cooperation.”

Since mid-2020, this self-help guide has disappeared. The tools have improved and everyone can handle more of them (because they work with them every day).

Rather than hovering over it: start as a Teams meeting, then a “space” where engineers and future management team can work together, while gaining access to necessary systems via a VPN.

From a business perspective, it’s always been better (on paper): much lower costs (travel budget alone), employees who haven’t been on a plane for an unhealthy amount of time and who are away from home and even more “greener” too.

It didn’t prove to be good enough either. Since March 2020, the entire business community has been immersed in a deep bath and it turns out that we can swim pretty well. All that flying was some kind of water ring, but we didn’t need it at all.

This is why business travel has so far been far behind, for example. Vacation travel recovery. And to be honest, I also think it can take a very long time. The obvious is broken and “remote control first” is a cost saving.

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