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We would love to see these cool Android 12 features in iOS 16

We would love to see these cool Android 12 features in iOS 16

Apple has sent out invitations to the WWDC event on June 6. This means good news: iOS 16 is coming! We secretly hope that Apple has been inspired by a number of Android 12 features. You can read about the features here.

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Android 12 features compatible with iOS 16

iOS and Android are two different operating systems. However, there is an overlap. Both Google and Apple are regularly inspired by the other. This may sound like cheating, but the phrase “better plagiarized than poorly conceived” just isn’t there. We encourage different manufacturers to learn from each other. And by this we don’t mean randomly copying each other.

In the past, Apple often took inspiration from its Android competitors. Think big screen iPhones, the control center, and the notification panel. Google inspired by the so-called Apple Gesture based interfacewho appeared with the arrival iPhone X

Draft iOS 16

The great thing about these “stolen” features is that both companies put their own spin on it. In this way, phone software continues to improve, whether you choose an iPhone or an Android smartphone. In this article we have put four Android 12Features at a glance we’d like to include iOS 16 we will see.

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Privacy Dashboard Will Make iOS 16 More Privacy Oriented

In the Android 12 privacy dashboard, you can see all the permissions for each app for the past 24 hours. For example, a feature refers to which apps have access to your microphone, location, or camera. This way you can be sure that you are not being watched or eavesdropped on.

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App developers can specify why they want to access certain features. This way, users decide without any effort whether to give permission for it or not. Do you want to modify certain permissions? For example, do you want to stop an app from accessing your microphone? everything is possible.

Apple cares a lot about privacy. This is why we found it surprising that the manufacturer doesn’t offer similar iOS functionality yet. With any luck, we’ll see an Apple-style privacy dashboard at the upcoming WWDC event.

Article you, but the apple

Material You is one of the key elements in Android 12. This feature makes your smartphone more special. Android 12 uses your background colors to create unique color palettes. You can then see these color palettes in your system settings, Google apps, and developer apps. This makes everything seem like a whole.

Android 12 material you

It remains difficult to modify iOS to your own taste. The software already looks very neat, of course, but practically everyone with an iPhone has almost the same home screen. For people who like to express themselves creatively, this is a nightmare. Hopefully Apple will finally pay more attention to this in iOS 16.

Scrolling screenshots save a headache

A small, but very useful feature: scrolling screenshots. If you take a screenshot of a conversation with your Android smartphone, you will be given the option to scroll down. This way you have the entire conversation or the entire page on one screenshot. You don’t have to send five different photos, because it works on iPhone.

Scrolling shots

Auto-rotate screen based on face recognition

Does your screen rotate automatically when you lie on your side in bed? Too troublesome. iOS offers a switch to lock screen orientation, but what if it automatically adjusts to your position? This happens in Android 12. The image does not rotate automatically if your Android smartphone notices that you are lying on your side.

Do you turn the smartphone to watch a video in landscape mode, for example? Then Android 12 realizes that the image must be turned on. A very useful feature that we would love to see in iOS 16.

More about iOS 16

We’ll know exactly what features iOS 16 will receive after Apple’s June 6 WWDC event. Very very sexy. Rumor has it that the software for the new iPhone will be redesigned. The last time iOS was completely redesigned was in 2013. iOS 16 will get a new lock screen, with changed app icons and smarter notifications.

It is also said that the gadgets in iOS 16 are undergoing a change. From iOS 14 It is possible to place widgets on the iPhone home screen, but so far they are not very interactive. iOS 16 can change that, As evidenced by the leaked iOS 16 features

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