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Anderlecht Online - Anderlecht stuck in tie (23 Sep 21)

Anderlecht Online – Anderlecht stuck in tie (23 Sep 21)

Donderdag, September 23, 2021, 22:51 – TCV

matches Anderlecht was unable to win a make-up match against Ghent. The score stayed 1-1 after showing a lot of goodwill to win, but little refinement in the truth zone and hardly any chances. Gent waited and also lacked the necessary quality in front to attack the counter.

Anderlecht started with good intentions and kept Ghent in his own half. I played very fast and pressed a lot. But on the other hand, she lacked the ingenuity to play a person in a promising position. Kouam√© once received a long ball from Verschaeren, but the angle was too sharp. Half an hour ago, Ghent began sticking his nose to the window. Harwood-Bellis defended well against Depoitre and Cullen’s leg was absolutely necessary to block a Bezus goal. After a few minutes, Ghent took the lead. Castro Montes started the slalom slalom on Thursday and scored a powerful goal. Anderlecht responded with a shot into the side window of Gomez.

Although Anderlecht had most of the ball, he could hardly do anything with it. Murillo often got the ball, but the Panamanian was mostly lonely, unlike the left winger where Gomez and Rafailov sometimes caused danger. The distance between Colin Olson and the offensive line was also very large.

Shortly after the break Verchatteren hit a low shot to the near post, but it took until the 57th minute before Anderlecht became really dangerous again. Gomez came out of the penalty area and Lambrechts pointed to the penalty spot. And Adel Rafaelov Anderlecht. However, the home team was unable to use the momentum of the tie to push Ghent back. Anderlecht can speak of luck when he suddenly left a lot of space and Gent played many counter-positions in a very sloppy manner.

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The match was already in the final stage when Amozu, who entered in the first half, hit the ball into the goal in the 74th minute. Gent was still lurking on the counter and Van Kromburg saved Anderlecht 10 minutes before a new deficit with his realization. by a lemajic shot. Meanwhile, the host side continued to have difficulties finding the right slot. Anderlecht has yet to surrender, but substitute Zerkezi missed a breakthrough. He played the role of Amuzu too laconic so that Bulat could easily intervene.

Anderlecht showed a lot of goodwill, but that wasn’t enough to beat the good defensive Gent. The home team should have done better in some stages (especially Zirkzee in the final), but Ghent also got it wrong when Anderlecht left plenty of space behind.

Anderlecht misses the opportunity to get a nine out of nine and jumps to second place. Because of this point, she connects with the peloton in third, but will have to take the win again in Ostend on Sunday, if she does not want to lose her connection with the top four again. After all, the distance between third and seventeenth place in the ranking is barely 7 points.

calendar: 1-1
Objective(s): 0-1 Castro Montes 38 minutes, 1-1 Rafailov 58 minutes (penalty kick)

Anderlecht:Van Crombrog, Murillo, Harwood Bellis, Hoydt, Gomez, Olson, Colin, Rafaelof (Ashimeru 80′), Ait El Hajj (Amozu 46′), Vershieren (Raman 70′), Kwame (Zirkeze 84′)
Gent:Bolat, Hanche-Olsen, Ngadeu, Godeau, Owusu (Kums 49′), De Sart, Bezus (Mboyo 90+1′), Opera, Castro-Montes (Samoise 65′), Depoitre (Lemagic 46′), Chakvetadze (Tissoudali 64′)

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yellow: Murillo 27′, Owusu 30′, Godeau 53′, Cullen 71′

Rule: Eric Lambrechts
Stadium: Lotto Park

Source: © Own editors

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