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Eric Van Looy admits he's found love: 'It's still early'

Eric Van Looy admits he’s found love: ‘It’s still early’

in love

Eric Van Looy, host of “The Smartest Person in the World”

It took some convincing from Dutch candidate Sundos Al-Ahmadi, but broadcaster Eric Van Looy (61 years old) said during an episode of the program: The smartest person in the world He confessed that he was in love. The lucky one is model Anouk Lepper (44 years old). The two were seen together at a concert at Sportpaleis and also appeared side by side on the red carpet of the concert. Les Miserables. Al-Ahmadi wanted to know whether he was dating or not. “No,” Van Looy said. “And I’m not single anymore. But it’s early.”

Leaves national politics

Wouter de Vreendt, leader of the parliamentary faction of the Green Party

Seventeen years later, things are looking up for Groene leader Wouter de Vriendt (46). He will no longer run for an elective seat in the upcoming elections, as he himself announced on social media. He remains active in Ostend, where he serves as a municipal councillor. De Vriendt says the decision is fundamentally a personal one. “I have fought with all my heart and soul in the mud of the Wetstraat in recent years. Gladly even. But for me, it is not good to continue doing so for a long time.”

Literally keeps New Zealanders awake

Celine Dion, Canadian singer

“My Heart Will Go On” at full volume for months on end. If you ask what a perfect nightmare looks like, it’s pretty close. However, this is exactly what you can experience firsthand in Porirua, near Wellington, New Zealand. Young people love it“Siren Battles” He listened to the music of Canadian singer Celine Dion (55 years old) through the car speakers. Its clear sound and many high notes are perfect for contrasting the sound of audio systems. To frustrate the neighbors.

He is fined for violating the publication order

Donald Trump, former US President

Former US President Donald Trump (77 years old) faces a fine of 10,000 dollars (about 9,500 euros). He had to testify in a fraud case and leave before entering court in New York. He said: “This judge is a very partisan judge, and next to him is a very partisan person, perhaps more partisan than him.” He forgot for a moment that the judge had already ordered him not to make any statements about court personnel. Trump was fined $5,000 last week for the same violation.

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