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Siri could gain AI capabilities in 2024

Siri could gain AI capabilities in 2024

Smartphone manufacturers are fully integrating artificial intelligence into their devices. Apple is also expected to go this route in 2024 with an AI update to Siri.

According to the notorious guide Revegnus, aka @Tech_Reve On the X social media platform, Apple is working on Siri. The iPhone manufacturer will significantly improve the voice assistant for iOS, iPadOS and macOS in all possible areas.

One of these areas is knowledge that Siri can benefit from. Apple, like all other AI systems today, will use a large language model (LLM) to make Siri smarter. Similar technology also powers OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing Chat, and Google’s Bard. In other words: Siri will soon also use generative AI technology.

Apple has not yet officially announced anything regarding the update. However, Revegnus plans to launch the improved voice assistant in 2024. According to the tipster, Apple will unveil the new Siri during WWDC 2024. It is possible that this event will take place in June, although the exact date has not been announced yet.

Siri, but with artificial intelligence

What exactly can you expect from Siri once you can start working with those larger language models? It looks like it will be basically the same: the Assistant’s functionality will be retained, but it should become smarter.

The only problem: Currently, the Bionic chips Apple uses for iPhones aren’t designed to run AI applications. However, this is the path Apple wants to take with its AI system: instead of all requests being passed through the cloud and processed in Apple’s server farm, your conversation will be limited to the device. So all the calculations that the AI ​​system must perform to arrive at an answer must be performed by the iPhone itself.

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Chips without artificial intelligence capabilities

In short: To give Siri an upgrade, Apple devices must first get one. According to the tipster, this will happen to iPhone 16 and later models, which will eventually give them access to improved Siri. The tipster leaves unspecified Apple’s plans for smart assistants on other devices, such as Watches, iPads, and Macs.

Apple itself has not yet responded to the news. So we’re not sure that Apple will teach Siri how to interact with LLM degree holders. However, it would be surprising if the iPhone manufacturer didn’t do so. Both Samsung and Google aspire to integrate artificial intelligence into their products. Apple probably doesn’t want Siri to fall behind Google Assistant and Galaxy AI, so an AI update makes sense.