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The disappearance of the African section of Europe Park: more space for the Austrian-style

The disappearance of the African section of Europe Park: more space for the Austrian-style

Today, at 3.19 pm

The African-themed Europa Park will disappear. Next winter, Apentewerland, as the region is called, will be part of the main contiguous Austria. The main attraction of Abenteuerland, the Dschungel-Floßfahrt boat trip, is undergoing a massive transformation.

Germany’s largest theme park gets a new name and theme with new decorations. African wooden rafts give way to ornate gondolas. Visitors will soon be cruising through Austrian sights, which have been inspired by the country’s historic imperial palaces, among other things.

Europa Park plans major renovation of Abentewerland theme area: 'Not an easy feat'

Abenteuerland has always been a stranger to Europa-Park since it opened in 1975. After all, the region does not represent a European country, but another continent. In order to relate to Europe, the colonial past is mentioned. White explorers stand among the black primitive forms in thatched huts. One restaurant was called Colonial Food Station.

In recent years, the images have caused upheaval on several occasions. Europa-Park admitted that the topic was outdated and promised a solution. This year, Colonial Food Station has already been renamed Adventure Food Station. There were also some minor changes in the scenes. Now the controversial African issue must be completely eliminated.

The Austria region currently includes four attractions: the Alpenexpress Enzian powered coaster, the Tiroler Wildwasserbahn waterway, the Wiener Wellenflieger merry-go-round and the Spielplatz Würmchen Wies’n. The current Dschungel-Floßfahrt will open for the last time next Sunday. After that the winter opening will end and work will begin. The new summer season will start at the end of March.

Adjustments have already been made to the controversial Europa Park attraction, complete renovation in 2022