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The Great Crested Grebe was voted ‘Bird of the Century’ in New Zealand

The Great Crested Grebe was voted ‘Bird of the Century’ in New Zealand

Grape (Poticeps cristatus) was voted by a greater margin than any other species in New Zealand Bird of the century, the translated bird of the century. With its sharp beak, reddish-brown eyes, crests and brown cheek feathers, this striking water bird has left unique and endangered species such as the kiwi and kakapo far behind. But Grape got a boost.

Great Crested Grebe Voted ‘Bird of the Century’ in New Zealand | Photo: JJ Harrison By Wikipedia CC BY-SA 4.0

Each bird must be selected once. That’s what happened to the common Great Crested Grape here, not in New Zealand, where there are an estimated 1,000 individuals. However, that part of the world is best known for endangered birds such as kiwi and kakapo. There are many enthusiasts in this category, but the love of the British-American actor, writer, comedian and TV presenter. John Oliver It worked for Krebs. He began the actual election campaign on television:

“There are so many fun facts about them, they are known for carrying their babies on their backs… It’s adorable. Both parents incubate the eggs and care for the chicks – giving each other parenting space. They don’t suffocate each other.


Grebe with cub on back
Great Crested Grape with young on back | Photo: Corine Bliek/flickr CC BY NC 2.0


Oliver also praised their elegant mating dance and said he wanted his chosen bird to be ‘the biggest landslide in the history of the competition’. He called it a beautiful match, and it’s a shame it doesn’t happen in America

Grape | Photo: Public domain

What started as a joke has garnered over 700,000 votes from 195 countries around the world. An ‘Election Fraud’ was also committed as a person from the US state of Pennsylvania voted 3,403 times, every three seconds, for almost 3 hours. These and numerous invalid entries have been filtered out, leaving 350,000 valid votes. One complaint is that the system can be hijacked in this manner, but there are also many who see the humor in it.

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Kakapo-like Kee, a giant parrot found locally Photo: Public domain

Graebe was selected at large

The Great Crested Grape still won by a huge lead with 290,374 fans compared to 12,904 fans. Brown Kiwi In the North Island, 12,060 people kea and 10,889 for a loved one Cuckoo, who just missed out on bronze. These are other results, all of which are locally or regionally occurring birds:

The bird of the century was not stable for another 76 years. Bird of the century We know the annual selection is Bird of the Year. And yet it is Oyster Catcher (2023)


Endangered kakapo in search of genetic variation