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There are no advertiser cookies on the NPO platforms

There are no advertiser cookies on the NPO platforms

On Saturday, Mariette Shack and Marilyn Sticker called for a stronger online public space and a stronger role for public broadcasting in this (NPO, Shaping the Public Space on the Internet, 5/22). They are right that the public interest on the Internet deserves more protection and support. I would like to correct some errors. Public broadcasting is in transition, from traditional broadcasting to a media organization for its own sake on demand Online is just as important as radio and line television. This is one of the reasons for renewing our programs. It’s not like that the nonprofit just wants to keep committing people to TV. We are actually transferring money from line television to the internet. Claim that public broadcast programs such as Cash desk On Other times Marginalization in favor of entertainment is nonsense. Our programming strategy specifically aims to revamp programming content and make it more attractive, not to make room for programs of lower general value.

NPO Start will play a more central role within the public broadcaster. This is how we give the shape of the strong public space, which Shaki and Sticker rightfully defend. Private platforms like NPO Start and NPO Listen are essential. We use public algorithms to get users connected to a variety of services in all areas. Users have complete control and one hundred percent guarantee that their data will not be shared with third parties. On these NPO platforms, you will not find cookies from advertisers or technology from Google or Facebook that you are being followed with.

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The general broadcaster is active on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. I agree with Schaake and Stikker that Google and Facebook do not respect their social responsibility sufficiently. At the same time, these platforms are by far the largest platforms for Dutch internet users. We consciously use it to reach out to the public and encourage them to visit our websites and apps. Successfully.

Along with other organizations in the public sphere, the public broadcaster wants to contribute to the agenda to promote the public sphere. This requires support from the new government, both in terms of regulations and budget, because the playing field with global wealthy companies is by no means equal.

Member of the Board of Directors of NPO