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Why You Should Watch The Mandalorian Western Space Movie On Disney +

Why You Should Watch The Mandalorian Western Space Movie On Disney +

“The Mandalorian” is Star Wars at its best, exciting, surprising and very well assembled.

Mandalorian It is one of the most successful and popular series right now Disney +. Mandalorian It has two seasons of 8 episodes each. Fortunately, the third for 2022 has already been announced.

The universe of Star Wars movies expands with the adventures of a mysterious bounty hunter. For season 3 comes Pedro Pascal (Game of thronesAnd the Narcos) As a bounty hunter, and of course the comeback of the famous kid Yoda.

Five years after the fall of the Galaxy Empire, bounty hunter (Pedro Pascal) accepts a secret mission from a mysterious agent who appears to be imperial connections. Agent orders him to track down and deliver to an unnamed target of 50 years old.

This fifty-year-old turns out to be Yoda’s baby and from there his delivery plan differs from that of the bounty hunter.

Many filmmakers left their mark on the episodes, some filmed one episode, and others two or three. As John Favreau (Iron ManAnd creator Mandalorian), Taika Waititi (Searching for a wilderRobert Rodriguez (Sin City(And Bryce Dallas Howard)Jurassic World), Including but not limited to the long list of big names.

This Disney + series is part Western space, in part a homage to Japanese cinema, but it fits perfectly in the Star Wars universe. Everything is true within this universe, the decoration, the realms, the missions of a bounty hunter.


Except for Pedro Pascal (Game of thronesAnd the Narcos(She is Gina Carano)dead Pool), Giancarlo Esposito (Too bad), Ming Na Win (Shield agents(And Timoera Morrison)The Boba Fett Book) To see. The RA-7 robot was voiced by Chris Bartlett. He has often voiced C-3PO for various TV shows over the past 14 years.

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At the end of the second season it was already announced: The Boba Fett Book. This new series will air from December 2021. Timoeira Morrison will assume his iconic role as the famous bounty hunter Boba Fett, alongside powerful Ming Na Win. The third season of Mandalorian.

On IMDB The Mandalorian gets 8.8, Rotten tomatoes Disney rewarded the staggering 93%! Most viewers appreciate the series: Definitely worth a look.

Did you know …

– To get enough Storm Soldiers in costumes, help the 501st Legion Fan Club. They specialize in creating their own Storm / Clone Cosplay Costume.

– If you pay attention during the first episode, you will see George Lucas in a carbon block.

– Baby Yoda’s existence has been a secret for so long that no merchandise was available after the season 1 premiere.

One of the gentlemen in the Mandalorian suit is the grandson of Western hero John Wayne.

Watch this exciting western space now The Mandalorian on Disney +.