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“Peace and space must remain on the Westland shore.”

“Peace and space must remain on the Westland shore.”

“Westland Beach remains a family beach that excels in peace and space.” This is an important fundamental point in the new coastal vision of the municipal executive authority.

The vision has been sent to the municipal council, which will judge it soon. “We don’t want to become an extension of Kejkdwyn or Hoek van Holland,” council member Anko Goudswaard said in a presentation.

The introduction to the Coastal Vision states: “This vision was created following an engagement process in which residents, business people, policy makers, various (natural) organizations and the municipal council were interviewed. Nearly 1,000 people gave their opinions via an online survey. The Coast. We are delighted with all Those responses have been integrated into this coastal vision.

“The coast should be easily accessible to everyone, but we do not want to attract mass tourism. In new developments, there must be a balance between recreational and natural values ​​and this must not be at the expense of coastal safety.”

Beach Suites

There will be no change in the total number of Beach Suites. There are nine left. This means that the wish of Westbeach Leisure Company – located on the northern side of Molenslag bij Monster – will not be fulfilled, if it is up to the council.

In a decision taken by the municipal council regarding year-round beach pavilions (2020), it was stated that one beach pavilion could be established for each beach in Möllenslag, Bükel and Flüttenburg all year round. The total number could become five, because now there are two: the coast in Möllenslag and Szmertigd near Flügtenburg.

It has become clear that implementing this Council decision is a difficult task and will not be possible at the present time. Explaining, Goudswaard said that in order to obtain permission for year-round use, entrepreneurs must “submit a solid plan to the municipality, the district and the Delfland Water Board.” In consultation with the entrepreneurs concerned, it was decided in 2027 to re-evaluate whether there is room to implement the Council’s decision.

Development of sports entertainment

(Water) sports and other beach-related activities are part of the Westland Coast and offer a healthy, fun and colourful appearance, according to the council. There is limited space for expansion on the beach. No cooperation will be provided for the development of the new beach. Here too, potential new providers should seek collaboration with existing stand owners or associations.

“Automated or powered (electrical/motor) activities (e.g. drones, etc.) Very light We do not allow airplanes) on Westland Beach and in the dunes. “Robot vessels are allowed in some areas, but we are selective in issuing permits.”

When natural values ​​and coastal safety are clearly maintained, there are opportunities to exploit water sports activities throughout the year in non-commercial sports clubs. According to the council, it is important that the development does not lead to an increase in vehicle traffic and thus the deposition of large amounts of nitrogen.

No overnight stay on the beach

The vision states that there are no accommodation facilities on the beach that fit the image of the Westland Coast. “Such places greatly affect the experience of openness and tranquility. Not allowing overnight stays on the beach remains the basic principle and we see no reason to abandon this decision.”

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